What to Expect

1st visit: The initial consultation will consist of a thorough examination, X-rays (if required) and a treatment. Allow 30 mins.

cloverdale-chiropractic-perth-What to Expect

2nd visit: The Chiropractor will discuss a treatment plan, individually tailored to your specific needs for maximum outcome. Allow 15 mins.

cloverdale-chiropractic-treatment-plan-perth-What to Expect-treatment-plan

Ongoing visits will be around 10-15 mins using gentle Chiropractic techniques suited to your age and condition.

cloverdale-chiropractic-perth-What to Expect

Adjustments are done by hand, adjusting instruments or drop tables.


Cloverdale Chiropractic uses a holistic approach to health. We will discuss your diet options, lifestyle, ergonomics and exercise to enable optimal health and well being.