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Dr Gunalan Krishnan

Dr Gunalan Krishnan

Dr Gunalan Krishnan graduated from Murdoch University in 2008, prior to Chiropractic he completed a Sports Science degree at Edith Cowan University while working as a personal trainer and martial arts coach. In 2012 Gunalan completed a Chiropractic Paediatrics course and treats children regularly in his practice.

Chiropractic became part of Gunalan’s life when his mother was being treated for chronic lower back pain after a severe work injury, her only alternatives being painkillers or surgery. Chiropractic changed her life and Gunalan wanted the same opportunity to be available for the many Chronic suffers out there.

Gunalan is married with two beautiful daughters. He enjoys high intensity training and martial arts most days of the week. Health plays a big part in his life and he enjoys nothing more than empowering his clients about diet, exercise and healthy choices.

Ramon Hannah

Ramon is a Remedial massage therapist with over 20 years experience, who is enthusiastic and committed to providing the very best in health and well being.

Remedial massage helps to stimulate blood supply, increase joint mobility and increase the speed of tissue repair. Ramon will aim to balance the length, tone and tension of muscles and tendons.

Massage can aid with many issues  including but not limited to,  sporting and exercise injuries, muscle cramps, whiplash and frozen shoulder………